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Re: Some basic questions

Hi Nithin

Thank you for putting that effort into my request, I really appreciate! For me it is exactelly the way you explained it when i type in the name of the system but  when I type in the IP there is an ERROR BOX.

I've got a screenshot of it, it says "There was a communication problem with the system. Check your log files or try it again in a few minutes". Also with the name "EMCDD02" there was one: "Communication error encountered, please check if EMCDD2" can be resolved from Management Host EMCDD01.

Then i closed the thing and add the system like this "emcdd02.domain.local" et voila it works. So do I need to add the hosts in the hostfile of each DD before I do this?? For me it should not be necessary when i type in IP address but as you can see at least for me it didn't work with IP address...

I've got two other DD here and i will get two others in a week with the same need of replication so let's see.

I've got one final question... maybe this is also related to the IP/Name issue.

There is a mtree called "backupveeam" on this one there is a shared called "backupveamshare". Everything works fine which means client access = * and user =* but as soon as I type in an username user=backupveam I don't have access anymore on that share even when i type in emcdd01\backupveam and passwort.

When i remove the share and specify the user from beginning like this it works. When I add another user it doesn't work for that one.

1) How do I add a local user account to a share?? Click on the share and say modify? Then adding a user with the plus icon and type in the username manually which I've created on the system before? Why is there no dropdown????

2) How do I assign LDAP user to that share??? Specify it like domain\user????

I really need training and i will check schedule and force my boss to send me there. I am wasting so much time which I really don't have due to the amount of projects atm...

Thank you

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