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Low deduplication for Oracle DB backup

DataDomain DD7200, DDOS (upgrading soon)

Hi all,

I'm reaching out just to see what kind of dedupe you all are seeing with your Oracle Database backups, and to see if I might have an issue. We average approx 41X dedupe for all data types across the board. But, our Oracle DB backups average around 3.7X dedupe. I have spoken with our Oracle DBA's, and they are adamant that they are not running encryption or compression. They use RMAN with DDBoost to send their backups to Datadomain, so if they are not running encryption and compression, then I would thing DDBoost would be getting better rates. They are the only ones whose backups that I do not control.

I'm aware that in general, databases don't compress quite as well as other data types, but shouldn't we be getting around 15 to 20x dedupe for oracle database backups, or am I dreaming?

Thanks all!