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Copy data from one DD to another with Symantec Netbackup?

Hi all,

Not sure if it's supposed to be asked here... but trying my luck:

We have Netbackup servers, backing up data to DD with OST.

Now we need to migrate the whole system to a new one in another location, NBU master server is a VM, so very easy to move.

Media servers no big deal, just create new one in NBU systems and associate them.

But what about the old data inside DD? We still need them for backup, but old DD supposed to be shutdown soon.

So when you backup something to DD, my understanding is, NBU will backup some meta data, which is the key and index for real data.

Real data will be copied to DD, and meta data is point to its location.

Now how to copy all these to the new system? I know DD can do replication, but after we replicate the data to new DD, how would NBU server knows its location on new DD?

To update the meta data, I suppose we need to run a backup copy to replicate the old backup to new DD, but seems you can't manually copy any existing data in NBU, can you?

Hope I made this clear...

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions?

Thanks and regards,


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