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VMAX – Performance Boons – ‘The FAST BEA(S)T’

Performance is a critical factor in evaluating the information infrastructure. The cost of enhancing performance is heavily influenced by infrastructure growth, data complexity, and hardware component capabilities. What if the performance of data retrieval and management could be increased with the same hardware components we have, using intelligent software bundles?

EMC Symmetrix offers software features which increase load balancing capability, throughput, and performance of Symmetrix arrays using the existing hardware setup. In this Knowledge Sharing article, Siva Shankari Chandrasekaran details EMC Symmetrix software features like Optimizer and Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) that provide efficient I/O load balancing and performance optimization features within disk groups and across different storage disk drive types.

Highly flexible, FAST enables automatic application tiering over a period of time, as and when the importance of the data change. No manual intervention is required. Additional performance benefits are achieved with no new hardware introduction.

Siva discusses another interesting feature – Federated Tiered Storage (FTS) – which enables leveraging the capacity and data of retired storage arrays. FAST features can be applied on FTS as well. FTS leverages old, retired external storage arrays by creating a tier from it. Third-party arrays are supported as well. FTS can utilize both the space available as well as access the data of legacy arrays. Features like storage tiering, data management, replication, and migration can be applied on the old arrays with FTS. This is purely based on Enginuity code and does not require special hardware.

This Knowledge Sharing article examines a number of Symmetrix performance features in detail and explains how FAST enables these performance boons. Where applicable, pictorial descriptions, command lines, and snapshots of GUI tools are provided. Thus, the article suggests an exemplary performance model to audiences that have at least basic storage knowledge and is interested in exploring Symmetrix performance features.

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