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VDI in BYOD - Boon or Bane?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is about giving individuals the ability to use technology they are used to, while ensuring that corporate data remains safe. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in BYOD devices do not access the corporate network. Instead, they access the VDI infrastructure directly.

A major concern for any CIO is if the company’s data will be affected when a BYOD connects to the corporate network. The answer is no. In BYOD, there are three ways to protect the data:

1. Authorization based on role through PIN encryption

2. Removing access to data when appropriate

3. Either wiping the stored data on the devices (or keys ) or revoking access to fresh data

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Vinayak Sivanand discusses how VDI can be used for Mobile Device Management (MDM) for BYOD. VDI can be used for application security and user content, while management of device provisioning and user settings is handled with MDM. This balance will be an important thing to notice and observe to help shape BYOD and VDI integration.

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