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Method for Throttling Backup Agent’s Save Process

Currently in a data protection scenario, the backup server will accept all the backup sessions from the data center clients which are configured on the backup server and keep it in queue for processing until the server parallelism is exhausted. After the current sessions are completed, the queued sessions would be activated and run to completion. Instances where a large number of backup clients are configured and more data sets are to be backed up increases the time spent by the backup session in queued sessions. This introduces the chance that the queued session would have to wait to such an extent that the session would time out with error.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Sathyamoorthy Viswanathan, Ajith Gopinath, and Gururaj Kulkarni focus on how to efficiently back up data using the backup application and also enhance server resource efficiency and network bandwidth utilization.

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