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Variables for SRS generated emails

Wondering what variables are available for use in SRS generated email notifications.  Specifically in the email notification for approval or denial of remote access request from Policy Manager.  The default layout of the body of the email is as follows:

Policy Manager Email.PNG.png

I would like require the Service Request number be put into a field that is updated by EMC prior to submitting the request for remote access. Then I could use that variable in the Subject field of the email.  We are being required by our auditing department to show a valid internal incident management record that matches up with the EMC service request number.  Currently, we are just creating the internal incident by sending an email from the MyService360 portal when an SR is opened for a dial home event (doesn't always work well).  The internal incident then has the SR number in it.  We need to be able to easily match the request for remote access to that incident by identifying the SR number.  Anyone know if more variables are available?  Can't find them documented anywhere.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Variables for SRS generated emails

unfortunately, there is no such a variables you are needing.

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