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ESRS Network Connectivity (NAT)


I've installed ESRS VE 3.32 and I'm having difficulty getting past the network checks. The ESRS VE box sits in our network with a private IP address which is NAT'ed via a firewall to the outside. Originally I tried using a proxy to route out (proxy's north of said FW) but this didn't work (I ensured TLS wasn't changed). I've then bypassed the proxy so that only the FW is between the ESRS VE and Dell/Emc, but to no avail.

The FW shows both SYN and SYN-ACK coming back, but according to the server it's failing all tests. It states ESRS is NAT friendly, but I'm starting to worry that's not correct. Has anyone got this working through a NAT'ed (not transparent) install.

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