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While doing ESRS configuration which email address to give


We need to setup Centralized ESRS with VE version for Unity All flash array.   While configuring ESRS, in the  configuration step , there is a tab for Email configuration.  In this step do we need to provide customer's SMTP server IP and in recipient field do we need to give Customer's email address ?  If yes, then why do we need to provide customer's SMTP ?  If ESRS IP connectivity to EMC Backend fails then does it means it will use customer's SMTP to push the alerts & files to EMC Backend ?

In addition to this, in the Unity Array also under connectEMC section do we need to give Email details.  Here SMTP mail server is ESRS/VE IP and recipient should be EMAILALERT@EMC.COM

Could any one explain why we are giving customer SMTP and why ESRS Server IP in array ?

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