ESRS VE: CLI Command for Update Appliance


I wanted to update our ESRS VE from V3.32.00.08 to the current version, but that does not work via the UI. So I started to check if there is a documentation how to do updates via CLI. As I could not find anything helpful, I wanted to ask you folks, if you may have something to help me out.



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Re: ESRS VE: CLI Command for Update Appliance


Could you please describe how it is failing? You may also send me the serial number of the ESRS VE via mail and I can have a look at the logs. I would prefer to fix any issues to manually work around the UI. If the Download or Apply Button do not cause an action, please test if a different browser works.

FYI: The update is tied to the paket manager in SuSE. If you issue a

zypper refresh

it will get the latest repository inventory. A

zypper list-patches

will list the available patches including their status. Usually the "needed" patches are not yet installed

zypper patch

will download the packages and immediately start the update including a reboot when finished. The checks performed by the UI for open sessions etc will not be done. To get a better timing you may use the following command to download the packages w/o applying them before actually performing the upgrade:

zypper patch --download-only

followed by the patch command when convenient.



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Re: ESRS VE: CLI Command for Update Appliance

I am also having the same issue, I clicked download and it appears that nothing happens but after further analysis it appears that it's taking over 12 hours to download 100MB and eventually zypper just stops.

The throughput from the repo server is just dreadful. It has been like this since the update came out.



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