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Re: ESRS VE: CLI Command for Update Appliance


Could you please describe how it is failing? You may also send me the serial number of the ESRS VE via mail and I can have a look at the logs. I would prefer to fix any issues to manually work around the UI. If the Download or Apply Button do not cause an action, please test if a different browser works.

FYI: The update is tied to the paket manager in SuSE. If you issue a

zypper refresh

it will get the latest repository inventory. A

zypper list-patches

will list the available patches including their status. Usually the "needed" patches are not yet installed

zypper patch

will download the packages and immediately start the update including a reboot when finished. The checks performed by the UI for open sessions etc will not be done. To get a better timing you may use the following command to download the packages w/o applying them before actually performing the upgrade:

zypper patch --download-only

followed by the patch command when convenient.



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