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ESRS - Email Notifications


I have ESRS installed and as far as I can tell its working fine, EMC techs have to get approval to access my site, and if I log into policy manager I can grant them access.  I also know that if I have a hardware failure it sends an email to EMC as they have called me in the past.

However I am not getting any of the emails from ESRS such as when a tech tries to access my site and is requesting approval, I get no notification.

When I look in ESRS everything seems correct, so can someone please advise me how I validate what SMTP server is being used?  How I can test this out without actually having a failed component?  And if there is any user guide that could help meas well that would be appreciated, as the ones I have found on Powerlink so far to do not tell me anything  about SMTP servers or how to get that stuff configured.


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