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Re: 请问 Online JFS 是可以并发访问的文件系统吗?

楼主:Online JFS不太熟悉,根据你的问题找了资料。


Online JFS应该是HP OEM Veritas的文件系统。


Parallel access mode

VxFS file system can run in single instance mode or in a parallel access / cluster mode. The parallel mode allows for multiple servers (also known as cluster nodes) to simultaneously access the same file system. When run in this mode, VxFS is referred to as Veritas Cluster File System.

The Cluster File System provides cache coherency and POSIX compliance across nodes, so that data changes are atomically seen by all cluster nodes simultaneously. Because Cluster File System shares the same binaries and same on-disk layout as single instance VxFS, moving between cluster and single instance mode is straightforward.

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