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EMC Forum HongKong - Sep. 5, 2014

Hello all,

The EMC Forum HongKong event is just 4 days away and if you live close, you should definitely attend. It's free!

See the agenda and register at:

I also wanted to make you aware of the EMC Forum event community here on the ECN. If you are an event speaker, you can write a blog post ahead of the event. If you are an attendee, we would love to know which topic interests you most. Take our .

Finally, if you FOLLOW the EMC Forum event community, you raise your profile on the ECN, as you collect a RAMP badge and points. More on that HERE.

Best regards,


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Re: EMC Forum HongKong - Sep. 5, 2014

您好!Welcome to ECN。

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Re: EMC Forum HongKong - Sep. 5, 2014


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