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Ask the Expert: Performance Calculations on Clariion/VNX

Performance calculations on the CLARiiON/VNX  with RRR &Jon Klaus

Welcome to the EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn about Performance calculations on the Clariion /VNX systems and the various considerations that must be taken into account

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Your hosts:

Rob Koper is working in the IT industry since 1994 and since 2004 working for Open Line Consultancy. He started with Clariion CX300 and DMX-2 and worked with all newer arrays ever since, up to current technologies like VNX 5700 and the larger DMX-4 and VMAX 20k systems. He's mainly involved in managing and migrating data to storage arrays over large Cisco and Brocade SANs that span multiple sites widely spread through the Netherlands. Since 2007 he's an active member on ECN and the Support Forums and he currently holds Proven Professional certifications like Implementation Engineer for VNX, Clariion (expert) and Symmetrix as well as Technology Architect for Clariion and Symmetrix.

Jon Klaus has been working at Open Line since 2008 as a project consultant on various storage and server virtualization projects. To prepare for these projects, an intensive one year barrage of courses on CLARiiON and Celerra has yielded him the EMCTAe and EMCIEe certifications on CLARiiON and EMCIE + EMCTA status on Celerra.

Currently Jon is contracted by a large multinational and part of a team that is responsible for running and maintaining several (EMC) storage and backup systems throughout Europe. Amongst his day-to-day activities are: performance troubleshooting, storage migrations and designing a new architecture for the Europe storage and backup environment.

This event ran from the 13th until the 31st of August .

Here is a summary document og the higlights of that discussion as set out by the experts. Ask The Expert: Performance Calculations on Clariion/VNX wrap up

The discussion itself follows below.