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Re: Isilon - Pool Protection level change and the job that controls this


If you have SmartPools licensed then it is the SmartPools job.

If you don't have SmartPools licensed, then it's a 'SetProtectPlus' job. 

Either can be manually run, however, due to a low priority / low impact policy by default, it'll take a while.

I have a 3-node X200 cluster that I changed from Metadata R/O to Metadata R/W last night, and I set the priority and impact policy to 1 and high (not recommended, but it's a lab).  It took about 5.5 hours to move around 45 million inodes from HDD up to SSD.  That's not exactly what you're asking, but perhaps a good reference point. Once you start the job you can look at it in the GUI or in the CLI with 'isi job jobs view ####' where that #### represents the job id number.  And it'll give you a block based and lin-based estimated completion time given current job performance.  I like to just leave it on my screen for a while to see how it's going when it starts:

'while true; do isi job jobs view 3240; sleep 60; clear;  done'

Using that one line, and of course replacing the job id number you can just watch it for a while, use Ctrl+C to exit.

Hope it helps,

Chris Klosterman

Principal SE, Datadobi


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