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What's the difference between OpenStack Swift and existing API calls for Isilon?

I've been writing some PowerShell scripts the past month or so which uses existing OneFS REST API calls to manipulate shares, exports, quotas, snapshots, etc. This is something I can do without a 'Swift' license, and apparently works in code versions as early as 7.0.2.x of OneFS. 

I'm trying to understand how OpenStack Swift is different than what OneFS already provides in regard to making API calls to GET/PUT/POST etc.  Are there added benefits to using Swift?  It appears that you need at least OneFS 7.2+ to take advantage, but I'm not sure to what advantage I'd be gaining. 

I started to read a little more into Swift, but I guess I'm just trying to find the key value it adds to OneFS.  Does anyone have experience, or studied up so they can shine the light on this for me?

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