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Re: Nodepool (Nodeclass) based quota possible? Chargeback via Nodeclass

Hi Peter,

thank you for your answer.

With InsightIQ it is not possible to get this information. Because in "File System Analytics" its not possible to show a directory devide in Nodepools. or i cant findit. Even with th iiq_export tool you get only the same data. I also reviewed the raw Insight iQ database. there is the needed information (map between file/dir and nodepool) but only for the last biggest 1000 files.i.e.

Your approach with "isi filepool" sounds interresting, but how you can match Nodepools with Filepool policies? Because we have for example a archive policy and a default file policy where is the link between the "hardware" node class and the filepool policy? Than i have to "pin" the file pool policy to nodepool. Right?



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