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User can see folders with not permission acces in a Isilon smb share

Hello Isilon Members:

Please, help me to see what´s going up here .. We´re migrating several Windows File Servers to Isilon. So far, everything is fine. But, after that, a share and folders were migrated, one user, accesing to the share, can see all the Folders in there using windows explorer and checking the same user accesing the share in the file server, can only see the folders , which he have access in windows explore. Below, an image, which shows the scenario:


Please, note, that the image to the left, is how the customer can see all the folders, accesing to the share in the ISILON.He only, can see the folders, he doesn´t have access all them. To the right side, is the same user accesing the share in the Windows FileServer, Please, note that only can see the folders, which he have access.

Can you say me, what could be the reason for that ? ...

Thank you.

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