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Installing/Upgrading InsightIQ and the "administrator" account - why did i create it?

I'm new to managing InsightIQ and I've got a question, but I can't find the answer in the provided Guides.

I read the Install Guide earlier today and performed an update of InsightIQ to In the process I read the Install portion of the guide before reading the Upgrade portion. Now that the app has been upgraded I've been watching it off and on all day now, and I'm wondering:

The Install process has you create an "administrator" account, then log into it, then immediately use "sudo" to install the package as "root". After watching the app for a few hours now, I have to wonder - what was the point of creating the "administrator" account? It never seems to be used, no processes run as "administrator", and you can't log into InsightIQ using the account. Just what is the point of creating it? It seems like nothing uses it, not even the install process since the first thing you do is use "sudo" to perform the install/upgrade as "root". Can somebody explain to me what it's for, what it does, what the whole point of creating it was? I'm totally mystified.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    Scott Lindley

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