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Re: Installing/Upgrading InsightIQ and the "administrator" account - why did i create it?

I see. I hadn’t made it that far.

I guess what I found confusing was the extra steps in the process. It has you log into the Linux host “through a user account with sudo access or the root user account”, then create the “administrator” account and set a password. Fine, makes some sense so far. They – after already being logged in “through a user account with sudo access or the root user account”, you are instructed to log out, log in as “administrator” (which is ASSUMED to have “sudo” access, but does not by default), then run the install. What was the point of logging out, then back in as “administrator”, then running the install via “sudo”, when you were already capable of performing these steps before you logged out of the account that you were already logged in as that had “sudo access or the root account”? It makes it sound like it’s somehow mandatory to use the “administrator” account to perform the install, when in fact there’s no such requirement or need. In fact, the entire process is prefaced with this false statement:


You cannot install the InsightIQ web application as the root user. To install InsightIQ, you must use a separate user named administrator with sudo privileges.

It would have also been good to know that you were creating the “administrator” account for the purposes of later logging into the WebUI. Otherwise some of us are left scratching our heads as to the purpose of the account in the first place.

Also, IMHO, the Install guide should at least include a reference to the “Administration” guide to let you know that the “Configuration” section of the “Installation” guide is incomplete in that it has no mention of configuring the WebUI for critical aspects such as the port number,IPv4/6, SSL Certificates, email support, authentication sources, etc. All part of installation, all tasks that should be completed before considering adding clusters to monitor.


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