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Re: Isilon storage performance issue

> -Need to check (Is looking client connection on dashboard of Management UI is right way?We are using smartconnect (with basic licence, I think , it is round robin policy)

The WebGUI is ok, but IMO to slow for live monitoring.

On the command line interface (CLI):

isi nfs clients ls

isi perfstat

Other useful views for live monitoring (just to start with...)

isi statistics system --nodes --top

isi statistics client --orderby=Ops --top

isi statistics heat --top

isi statistics pstat

(these are 6.5 cmds, on 7.0 the syntax might vary, or use isi_classic instead)

> -we did setting in management UI, can you suggest ways to check whether it is really in effect or not?

isi get "filename"

isi get -DD "filename"

the latter shows (in very verbose form, but not so easy to count

the number of disks used) the actual layout of the file on the cluster disks.

Usually "streaming" access files should spread onto more disks,

but on small (or fragmented?) clusters the difference between

streaming/random/concurrency might appear minimal.

isi set -l {concurrency|streaming|random} -r g retune "filename"

will actually change the layout if needed. (I trust this more

that the WebUI). Even if finished, it might take some

more seconds until changes show up with isi get -DD

And if you have SmartPools enabled, make sure

you allow settings per file instead of SmartPools

ruling everything. (Or do use SmartPools, but then

you would need to run a SmartPools job each time to

implement changes.)

The access pattern (as listed by isi get) also affects

prefetching; try out all three choices. You are doing  random

IO, but on 128K chunks -- certainly larger than 4k or 8k.

And you have many concurrent accesses, so it's

hard to predict. It is even possible to fine-tune

prefetching beyond the presets for the three patterns,

but I would keep that for later...

-- Peter