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Re: Isilon storage performance issue

Thanks Peter,

I will check the details and update you.(currently setup is not with me)

meantime I have some question to understand performance bottleneck , It will be nice if I get answers of below questions:

Considering I have four X200 nodes , and filesystem bock size is 8K and data protection is +2:1(2 disk or 1 node failure)

1.If I write file of 768 KB(128X6) size, will it write 6 data stripe and 2 parity stripe(128K size of each stripe and form a protection group of 8 stripe) on 4 nodes in a way where each node will have 2 stripes (at least one data stripe on each node ).

2.When it writes 128K stripe unit (16 block)  on given node , whereas node has 12 disk in my case , how many disk will it use? Will it use all 12 disk or write 128K on one disk only and for next stripe unit at this node use second disk and so on...

3.What will happen if my file size is exactly 128K , will it write  128K stripe on 3 nodes(mirror to ensure 2 disk or 1 node failure) and create overhead of 2x?  

4.If my application open a file and write on 128K chunk on NFS protocol and appending multiple 128K chunks to the same file , does OneFS use stripping for every 128K chunk or wait for multiple 128K chunk and do file striping latter to define file layout properly?

5.If I change filesystem block size from 8K to 32K , does it means my stripe unit will be now of 16X32K

6.OneFS uses 16 contiguous block to create one stripe unit , can we change 16 to some other value?

7.Can we access Isilon storage cluster from compute node (install RHEL) using SMB protocol, as I read in performance benchmark from storage council that SMB performance is almost double compare to NFS in terms of IOPS? 

Thanks & Regards,