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List ISILON configuration

Is there any Isilon command that list whole ISILON configuration. We are planning to backup whole configuration and save for future use.


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Re: List ISILON configuration

Not really. Things can get quite sophisticated, like changes via sysctl.

(and while sysctl *can* list all its contents at once with -a, better do not try that here,

as it spills out too much runtime stuff.)

Keeping outside the cluster a copy of a recent  isi_gather_info tar-file

might help when recovering many settings after a disaster, but that would

require some reverse engineering of the way isi_gather_info

organizes its stuff.

As a practical advise: make a priority list of the

individual config areas, and then work through the CLI tools

from top to bottom to see how things can be collected.

Usually there exist "list" subcommands which you

might want to decorate with a -v/-l/-w (verbose/long/wide)


It's far from perfect (leave alone the question how to

re-establish settings from those lists), but within an hour

or so you might be able to cover most of the relevant things.

Digging deeper into the last bits will get tedious, though.


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Re: List ISILON configuration

You may want to look at this:

GitHub - obergt/Isilon_Tools: The script utilizing Isilon Platform API interface to back up shares, ...

It seems to work reasonably well, although I haven't had much opportunity to test it.

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Re: List ISILON configuration

IsiBackup allows you to make backups of all configuration items available through the GUI of OneFS.   IsiBackup does not store the actual data (files and folders) that reside on the file system.  IsiBackup focuses on the systems configuration elements, such as: access zones, smb shares, nfs exports, quotas, network configurations etc.

IsiBackup allows you to keep track of all the configuration changes that have taken place on the cluster between calls to IsiBackup.  It can be launched automatically at regular intervals and it will send notifications by email when configuration changes are detected. 

This software can also restore specific Isilon configuration items, provided that they have been previously saved by IsiBackup.   The restoration of configuration can be performed on the same cluster or another cluster.  For example, it is possible to duplicate elements from one cluster to another. 

Networks shares and quotas can also be restored on a different access zone as needed. 

Here's how to restore thousands of quotas with IsiBackup in less than 90 seconds:

For information, or for a free trial, please contact

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