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Re: Ask the Expert: Isilon Performance Analysis

John, thanks a lot for the detailed overall picture.

> At some point we will write out the data using both data protection and disk space utilization as guides to which nodes are written too.

Does this mean, the busy or queue situations of the individual disks are not taken into account?

One more thing: The isi statistics xyz CLI tools are really great. An aspect I'm missing though (for isi statistics client in particular) is an "export" or "share" column to sort out where certain traffic (by user or remote client host for example) is actually going to on the file system. There is the very nice isi statistics heat, but it cannot be correlated with users or remote hosts on a busy cluster with many simultaneous workloads.

Any chance we will see per "export" or per "share" data with isi statistics in the future?

-- Peter

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