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How do YOU back up your Isilion?


I was curious to hear the various approaches being used in the wild to backup the Isilon system. I currently have the following equipment at my disposal but have found it disturbing/interesting/odd...etc..etc that there seems to be no way to put data sitting on an Isilon to my Data Domain system via NDMP.

OneFS Version:

Avamar Version: 7.0.1-61

DDOS Version:

Now I see that there is a plug-in available within Avamar specifically for Isilon which is great but only if your Avamar system is sized in such a way to hold more then just Metadata/Catalogs..etc for backups that ultimately are just destined to go to a DD system at the end of the line.

I have come up with several "creative" ways that I could use to backup data sitting on an Isilon but none of them are what I would call elegant in any way shape or form.

Please share your experience and what your approach is for backing up this piece of equipment

Thanks for your time.

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