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Re: How do YOU back up your Isilion?

The OneFS NDMP implementation does a pretty good job crawling large hierarchies,

due to extensive prefetching along the snapshots it processes. NFS/SMB based backup

clients would need some manual integration to use snapshots, and still couldn't

do that level of prefetching. Moreover, OneFS 7.1 NDMP can do snapshot-based diffs,

which are really fast.

If you can increase the number of concurrent NDMP jobs as your cluster is growing,

it can go quite far. For disaster recovery, we do nightly diffs of ca. 50 shares

containing 150 Mio files, half of which have metadata on SSD (3 X + 5 NL nodes),

with up to eight parallel NDMP jobs. And that's with 7.0.2 old-style crawling diffs!

So far we see no reason why linear increase of data, node count *and* NDMP jobs

should not keep working work for us. Partly because the number of our shares

(or backup-configurable subfolders) will increase so that we can run more jobs,

partly because tape (LTO) technology more or less keeps up with the growth of

individual shares/folders. YMMV of course.

Happy backing-upXXXXXXXXXrestoring!

-- Peter

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