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Re: Celerra to Isilon data move

Thanks for your reply. I had issues with with isi_vol_copy_vnx as it refused to copy with the source celerra having dedup switched on. Doing a "fs_dedupe -default -set [datamover_n] -backup_data_threshold 0" resolved this issue.

My task-chain looks like this:

for all nfs and nfs+cifs shares: isi_vol_copy_vnx -full

for all cifs-shares:

First bulk-copy: emcopy \"$src\" \"$dst\" /s /r:0 /w:0 /c /th 256 /log:$log.txt

Increment-copy:  emcopy \"$src\" \"$dst\" /s /purge /sdd /de /o /secforce /lg /r:0 /w:0 /c /th 256 /log:$log.txt

I hope to have all the testing stuff done next week.

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