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Re: Use SyncIQ to copy data within a cluster.

If you don't want to keep the changes, you should not have to delete the policy, although I don't think this option is in the GUI or if it is, I haven't found it. 

So you "allow writes" on the destination C.  Then do your testing.

Then when you're ready to go back, try the CLI:

isi sync recovery <policy> --revert

Try this on some test data first, just to be sure.  I just did it in my lab.  I set up a policy running every 10 mins from Cluster A to Cluster B.  Then I set up a second policy to sync locally on cluster B to a different directory.  Then under "Local Targets", I selected "Allow Writes".  Then I touched a new file.  Then on Cluster B I issued the command above.  When the job finished, my 2nd copy was r/o again, and my newly touched file was gone.

Like I said, try it on some test data to be sure, but I think this does it.

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