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ClusterTalk Podcast Episode One

Welcome to this premiere episode of the EMC Isilon ClusterTalk podcast.  In our pilot episode, Scott Pinzon and Chris Adiletta discuss innovations in Big Data, such as putting every car on the Internet and a body cam on every cop. Also: Cool Commands for OneFS users; a cutting-edge Hadoop solution from Adobe; insights from the large, active EMC Isilon user community; and happy talk about Exploding Kittens.
  This episode should be the first in a monthly podcast series.  If you like what you hear, please rate or comment on the discussion here, find us and subscribe in iTunes or your favorite Podcast app and send us your thoughts.  We hope to bring you a great informational podcast listening experience, and through your feedback we can continue to improve the content. 

Show Notes:

150 Million cars on the internet by 2020

Body cameras on police officers

Data analytics, and Football

Adobe Systems Hadoop-as-a-Service

Cool Commands

  • du –sk Filename; du –Ask Filename
  • Du –Ask * |sort –n
  • Ls –l |sort –k6 –n
  • Isi get –DD /ifs/data/Filename |head
  • Show us your file sizing scripts!

Why use static IPs for SMB shares?

Exploding Kittens

The Oatmeal

Better Call Saul

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