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NMC - What drives you crazy ?


   Good evening. My name is Skip Hanson and I am the Consultant User Interface Designer for NetWorker. I am

reponsible for all things NMC. I started this role just after 7.3 was released and have been working towards a

more accessable, powerful and flexible user interface.

  My question to all of you is: What is it in NMC that drives you crazy on a daily basis ?

   It could be something very simple. Come on...I know there is something you hate ? If I hear it enough, I will get

it fixed. Which brings me to my next point. We need your help to make NMC and all of NetWorker more usable.

I talk to many of you at different times of the year but I want more. I guess you could say I am bit obsessed with

making things better.



NetWorker Usability

"The GUI is the system."

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