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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

What drives me crazy, PERFORMANCE.  Ever since we went to version 7.4.4 Build 650 it is vary slow. Opening a group window to check its status takes a lot longer than erlier verisions. By time the window opens you forgot what you were looking for. Many times I need to use nsrwatch and nsrjb or tail -f deamon.log to see what is going on, because if you wait for NMC to update the activity is over.

When creating a library using NMC you can not specify a name. NMC names the library its scsi path. This keeps the cumbersum jbconfig command neccessary. Fix this and we can finally not have to use jbconfig.

A nice to have that I would like to see envolves licensing. The license window is a nice list to see what licenses we have, but it would be helpful if it could show what server (or client) is using the license.

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