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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

First let me explain my environment.I am running Networker 7.4.1. The Networker server is on an IBM p570 running AIX 6.1 and the NMC is on an Windows 2003 server. Why? you ask, because after about a month going through all the documentation and corresponding both through email and over the phone, with EMC I never could get the NMC to run on AIX (at that time it was 5.3). Since that nightmare I have not been in much of a hurry to upgrade.

Some other issues that I don't know if they have been addressed in later versions

Monitoring - I cannot monitor the whole backup such as how fast and how much has been backed up using the NMC. I must nsrwatch on the Networker server that I am not always logged into.

Group/client properties - If you select groups from configuration and select a group you must right click and select properties in the groups column, not in what comes up on the right side, to get to the group to set it up. You cannot double click it and what appears on the right is actually the client so if you double click it you bring up the client properties.

Local Hosts - I am guessing this comes from the client list but I have client only installed on most of the computers so I get an error when I click on them.

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