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Re: NMC - What drives you crazy ?

SkipHanson wrote:

We need your help to make NMC and all of NetWorker more usable.



NetWorker Usability

"The GUI is the system."


just thought of one things that would make NMC more usable - sorting, mutliple column.

When in the Libraries pane, there are 2800 slots, many slots with volumes. I want to sort by Pool, then <control click> by %used.

Hope I don't get banned - ECC (Control Center) can do this type of sorting.


In Monitoring/ Log, could there be a way to set the number of lines to store <cache locally> on the individual users log? This would also be useful in the Operations tab, as we could see what occurred prior to the tape library malfunction/ stuck tape.


In Monitoring/ Sessions, I have recently been carrying out lots of manual clones. If I leave <scripted> clones running overnight and want to check the clones first thing the next day, I expect the previous session type to be the default, when I go to the tab. This is not saved. I assume many options/ settings are not worth saving, but this would allow me to login and "be where I was". You could also add a click button to reset GUI settings to default.


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