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Re: Networker 7.4 media tracking

All the information can be found from the command line requested here, as stated previously it just depends upon what exactly you need to report as for instance volaccess would change if the volume was mounted for any reason.

As for using this method to move tapes around from location to location you must remember that if there are full backups on a tape and they have dependent incremental backups NetWorker will not mark the tape or saveset as recyclable even though the retention period is passed (as they are still required to facilitate a restore). This is important as you may return tapes to the jukebox which cannot be used for backups and will not be automatically relabelled by NetWorker.

Also if these tapes were taken out of the jukebox and were not full they are valid to use - so backups will be appended to the volume and the volume retention increased. Best practice when exporting/importing tapes from the jukebox is to mark the volume as full during the process (this can also be automated via script or batch file as well as import/export).


Bill Mason

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