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Backup Exchange 2k7 issue - Database and logs in four disks (2 logs and 2 data)


We have a CCR cluster with 3 disks in every node, one for SO, one for logs and other for DataBase. The reason that I'm writing this post is for ask you if its possible to create a two new disks (another one for logs and other for data). Configuration right now is:

  -C: --> SO

  -E: --> DATA1

  -F: --> LOGS1

  -H: --> DATA2

  -G: --> LOGS2

We are using Networker Module for Microsoft Exchange and backups run correctly with the old Databases (located in E and F), but when we create a new Database in H and G, the backup returns this log error:

* dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com:APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2007\Prueba: No full backups of this save set were found in the media database; performing a full backup

* dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com nsrsnap_vss_save: APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2007\Prueba: failed

1 retry attempted

52051:nsrsnap: Printing savecmd=nsrsnap_vss_save.exe after parsing

Spawning: [nsrsnap_vss_save.exe -A optype=conventional -A NSR_SNAP_TYPE=vss -A "NSR_ALT_PATH=H:\\Snapshot_backup" -A NSR_VIRT_SERV=dsglmbxcluster.desigual.com -A NSR_INDEX_CLIENT=dsglmbxcluster.desigual.com -A NSR_PARENT_JOBID=34424 -c dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com -g EXCHANGE_2K7 -LL -m dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com -s -l full -q -W 78 -A snap_sessionid=1329232047 "APPLICATIONS:\\Microsoft Exchange 2007\\Prueba"] APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2007\Prueba 73064:nsrsnap_vss_save:Version information for E:\Legato\nsr\bin\nsrsnap_vss_save.exe:

      Original file name: nsrsnap_vss_save.exe


      Comments: NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications (x64)

50423:nsrsnap_vss_save:nsrsnap_vss_save: Unknown Application Information parameter: NSR_PARENT_JOBID, may not be supported

50411:nsrsnap_vss_save:nsrsnap_vss_save: Data mover host name not specified. Assuming local host: dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com 80271:nsrsnap_vss_save:NMM .. Valid snapshot policy. Group: "EXCHANGE_2K7" Snapshot Policy: "Serverless Backup" Snapshots Per Day: "1"  Retain: "0" Backup Snapshots: "All" Level: "full".

47363:nsrsnap_vss_save: nsrpsd service is running on Dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com.

snapvss_quoow_save: Dumping disk quota databases into OS drive


Format string Save set name %S is valid cannot be rendered correctly 63781:nsrsnap_vss_save:NMM .. attempt to add component of writer Microsoft Exchange Writer returned an error and can not be added. Error = -2147467259.

63783:nsrsnap_vss_save:NMM .. attempt to add components of writer Microsoft Exchange Writer returned an error and were not added. Error = -2147467259.

63335:nsrsnap_vss_save:NMM backup failed to complete successfully.

Internal error.

68151 1329232067 2 0 0 12928 9448 0 dsglespbr-s3012.desigual.com nsrsnap_vss_save 39 nsrsnap_vss_save: Exiting with failure. 0

We have launched the config checker and everythink is Okey.

Any idea¿?


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