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Re: Lotus Notes backup is very slow using NML (NMDA)

Hi Ahmed,

I increased the paralellism in the client from 8 to 24 and the target sessions in the tape drives from 4 to 8 (we have a library with 4 LTO-4 drives). With this changes I managed to backup using 3 tapes at the same time and the speed increased to 100-110 MB/s. This speed is consistent with the max speed of a 1Gbps NIC (1Gbps = 120MBps). 

I tried too to activate the compression in the client side but without success. Have you tried activate this feature on a Lotus servers? According to what I read, this feature works fine at file system backups level, but not with database modules. Have you any experience using the client side compression?

Kind regards,

Jaime Ponce

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