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Re: Trying to Get My First Backup Working

An EMC tech actually helped us set it up a month ago, but the project has been on hold.  Now that I'm getting back to it, I'm completely lost.  I've been running over the documentation for a few days now.  The devices and media pools appear to be set correctly.  I'm, honestly, just trying to back up one physical server for now to our new DD as a test.  I've installed the client software on the server I'm trying to backup, made a new client in Networker, added to a group in Networker, set the group to use the media pool for DD I'd like to backup, and verified the Device Access Information is set to the correct directory for the backup file to be placed.  After I Start a backup, it pops up the media message above every time.

You're right, this product is a beast.  The nomenclature seems to be a problem for me.  I'm not a backup guy in the first place, but I guess I will be after this.

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