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Re: The clients are auto restarting backup after concluded. How can I fix it?

First of all, could you please explain which mmminfo parameter you use to show the column DAI|EEE ?


Let's assume then that NW does not start the group - otherwise it should restart more than this client. Correct?

The only logical consequence would be that the NW client itself starts the backup. And this is possible.

There could be a forgotten Windows task to backup E:\ and associate the backup to a group  ("save -g <groupname> E:\"   is in fact a valid command). That would make the backup appear like a saveset which has been created by running the group.

However, it would have the level 'manual' because you are not allowed to use the level along with the 'save' command.

On the other hand, that would also explain why the index is only saved once.

At least i would check the Windows task scheduler as well ...

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