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query tape media block size

Networker 8.0 has the following new feature, according to the release notes:

   LTO device default block size increases to 256 KB

      In NetWorker 8.0 SP1 and later, the default block size for an

      LTO device increases from 128 KB to 256 KB. When NetWorker

      labels a new or used volume in an LTO device and the Device

      block size attribute of the device is the handler default, then

      the label operation uses a 256 KB block size. Increasing the

      default LTO block size results in Data Domain VTL deduplication

      ratios improving by up to 15%, and physical tape device write

      speed over higher-latency SAN links improving by an average 30%.

      Note: Volumes will not write at the new block size until the

      volume is labeled with NetWorker 8.0 SP1.

Now, after we wrote some LTO tapes with the new Networker, I would like to see what block size was used.

I did not find a NMC dialogue to query this tape attribute, nor does mminfo provide information about the actual block size written.

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