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NMDA + Oracle RAC + DD boost


I've a few RAC clusters, Networker with NMDA and DD Boost + Data Domain. At the moment I don't clearly understand how to configure this setup, because I can't use Wizards for RAC and have to made an RMAN script + NMDA config file for each node of the cluster. The main problem is to made a script for RMAN. How to allocate channel to DD Boost resource?

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Re: NMDA + Oracle RAC + DD boost

There is nothing special you need to allocate for ddboost as it should be used by default.  I'm not sure if you use vip listener for backup (which can hop around nodes depending if one is down or not) or not.  Regardless which one is it, you can specify one or multiple nodes when allocating channel, but use same NSR_CLIENT (preferably RAC vip node which you would use on server side as well).  We normally use vip address and depending on size of DB we will use one RAC node or two for backup (our RAC goes up to 10 nodes). Of course, I assume you RAC environment is balanced as ours

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Re: NMDA + Oracle RAC + DD boost

Addition to Hrvoje, you can use client direct propery if your NW server is verison 8.x later. Be sure to select DDboost devices in your pool properties.

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