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Upgrade of NetWorker Server

Hi all,

We are currently using NetWorker 7.6.5 for our tape backups. Currently NetWorker is installed on a Windows Server 2008 64bit server. We are looking to upgrade this server to Windows 2012R2, and also to upgrade NetWorker to 8.2. The rebuilt server will have the same host name, be on the same domain and have the same IP address as it does currently. What would I need to do to make this process as painless as possible? I was thinking of following this process:

1. Back up mm, index and res directories from the original install.

2. Install Server 2012R2

3. Install NetWorker 7.6.5 on the new OS

4. Stop NetWorker services

5. Copy mm, index and res directories back to the new OS

6. Restart NetWorker services & confirm that NetWorker Console starts & all clients, schedules etc are visible

7. Install NetWorker 8.2 to upgrade NetWorker

Any thoughts, advice or tips would be greatly appreciated

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