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Exchange 2010 Incr with NMM 9.2.1 BBB

Hi all,

I just have a customer who has upgraded to NetWorker 9.2 SP1 from 8.2.4. There are having some problems with Exchange 2010 DAG backup. It seems like even though we run full or incr backup everything is being run as a full backup. I have been reading a lot about NMM BBB and CBT and how this will improve performance etc etc but this is not what we are seeing. It looks like every backup is running as a full backup and still takes too long.

I have gone through the configuration several time just to be sure that everything is configured correctly and it seems like it.

As I understand it "log only" backup is no longer supported with BBB so how do I get an hourly backup running utilizing CBT with BBB? Pretty sure that CBT is enabled by default when BBB is used

Anybody have any idea on how to see if we actually leverage CBT in the Exchange backup? Or how to proceed in performance troubleshooting this?

Not sure what info to upload but feel free to ask and I will provide the necessary info.

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