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Re: Block based backups incrementals show up as full in mminfo?

For Block Based Backups to work, the full and incremental backups need to reside on the same target ddboost device to be able to calculate the changed blocks. Have one device only should be pool where BBB are written to. Just after incremental backup to Data Domain boost device, NetWorker always merges last full backup and current incremental backup. The merge is performed directly on Data Domain and is called VSF. Media data base reports Full backup every time and we can restore from any last incr There is no need to restore from the last full and subsequent incremental backups to reach the desired recovery point. - Virtual full backups apply only to the Data Domain devices. When you perform an incremental backup to a Data Domain device, you perform the backup as a virtual full backup. However, the type of the backup that you have performed is displayed as full. A virtual full backup backs up only the changed blocks from its previous full backup while referencing the unchanged blocks to the corresponding blocks of the previous full backup