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Re: What are the pre req for a deployment of OVM 3.4 with Unity as storage?

Hello Olivier_Fulop, sorry for the later rely!

OVM will support the following storage types:

  • Local disks
  • Shared Network Attached Storage - NFS
  • Shared iSCSI SANs: abstracted LUNs or raw disks accessible over existing network infrastructure
  • Fibre Channel SANs connected to one or more host bus adapters (HBAs)

Which type would you like the Unity 300F to play?

Below is the OVM deployment structure:

A shared storage resource is mounted on each Oracle VM Server in a server pool to store virtual machines, external resources, and other data files. In order to perform live migration of virtual machines, each Oracle VM Server involved must have shared access to storage.

I think the storage support would more related to the Operating System running on the OVM server (e.g. Linux version for Unity Kernel version...). You can find the information in Dell EMC Unity 'Support Matrix'.

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