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RecoverPoint integration with SRM and large journals

Hello All,

I am using RP to replicate between 2 x CX4-960 Disk Arrays. I have a number for ESX Servers with MS Windows Guests. We also have VMware SRM with RecoverPoint SRA.

We need to do DR Tests for prolonged periods of time e.g. 20 days. The DR tests for ESX must be managed by VMware SRM.

For our physical Windows and UNIX Servers we use SnapView Clone to make independant clones (not snaps) of the RecoverPoint CRR LUNs. This means we can do DR tests for as long as we like without affecting RecoverPoints replication.

Unfortunately VMware SRM with RecoverPoint SRA doesn't support SnapView Clones. So my proposal is to increase RP Journal sizes to something like 40% of the source LUN sizes and to increase the target side processing tunings on the RP Journal. This is also called "Proportion of journal allocated for image access log" in RP GUI.

Can anyone see any issues with this? The only issue I can see is after the DR Test is complete RP will have some work to roll the journals back into CRR LUN. That is to catch-up on distribution of the RP journal images.

Anyone got any experience with this scenario? Any comments?

Best Regards,


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