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Re: RecoverPoint integration with SRM and large journals


First thanks for reply to my question. I am talking about approx 10 LUNS - totat size approx 6TB. Will confirm when back in the office.

I did think of SRM in test mode and then using SnapView Clone to do long DR Test. However I believe this will cause SRM and virtual centre problems. Perhaps I am incorrect but will it mean that the SRM protected machines will have to be manually removed from VC and re-added from the clone and/or renamed in the VC? Will this break future SRM protection of these machines? Will it mean the SRM jobs will have to be set-up from scratch again?

From Storage viewpoint your solution is best but I am not sure about from VC / SRM viewpoint. You are correct I am not worried about failing the long term DR tests back from DR to PROD.

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