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Re: Failed:Add SDS device ScaleIO-XXX to Storage Pool(Unknown ScaleIO error)

Network connectivity was there. 

I have a data and a management network, both are 10 gig. The data network is an isolated network.

I decided to do a rollback and retried it all.  It saw all 12 drives.  I wished I didn't do a fault set, as I can't create a volume right now.  Any ideas on how to remove that?

I cheated when I deployed SVM, I put in on a LUN. being I was concerned about disk space.  I couldn't use the remainder space on Cisco SD card for some reason.

Being I only have 12  146 gig drives to test with. 

Do you think I should just do 3 servers instead of 4?  This only test environment.

Each server will then have 4 drives.  I could then install esxi to 1 146 drives still have room for svc on that drive.  Then still have 3 drives left for sharing data.

Do I even need a fault set?

About how long should it take to deploy?  Should it be more like 1-2 hours or closer toward 8 for a small deployment.


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