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Scaleio scini.ko service issue


I have configured a 3 node cluster on Ubuntu 16.04. The original plan was to have a converged cluster with all machines acting as both SDS and SDC. When installing, the Installation Manager correctly went through the process of installation with no errors reported even with the SDCs. However, the GUI displays 0 defined SDCs.

I have manually tried to add SDC with the following steps:

                        1. In new host (, dpkg -i EMC-ScaleIO-sdc-1.32-2451.4.el6.x86_64.deb

2. In MDM, scli --add_sdc --sdc_ip

3. In new host (, modify /bin/emc/scaleio/drv_cfg.txt, to specify MDM IP

4. /etc/init.d/scini restart

After attempting the final command of restarting the scini service, The error below is received: scini.ko restart error.png

I have used ScaleIO scini.ko kernel version mismatch as a reference guide as the issue is somewhat similar, although the output of the /etc/init.d/scini start command is slightly different. Assuming it is the same kernel version mismatch problem I am also unable to find the required correct kernel version file for scini.ko. I am currently running 4.10.0-35-generic and am unable to find that version within

My drv_cfg.txt file contains the following:

#Configuration file for the kernel module.

# One line stating the client GUID.

#ini_guid d9b8a46d-4abd-4ec9-abb2-7bd74f6b0ebe

# Additional line for MDM (Meta-data servers)


ini_guid 43073f0f-8490-4085-bbbf-ba6d249a56d8


The MDM entries are correct as these are my primary MDM and secondary MDM.

The other file I have attempted to edit is /bin/emc/scaleio/scini_sync/driver_sync.conf with the following information:

repo_address =

repo_user = scini

repo_password = scini

module_sigcheck = 0

After attempting those changes, and trying prior to the changes, the problem persists. Appreciate any advice pointing me in the right direction.. Thanks

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