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Re: ScaleIO 2.0.1 SDC installation fails with OpenSUSE 12.1 missing libtinfo.so.5 64bit


A few points to clear up about SLES vs OpenSUSE.  They are not binary compatible like RedHat/CentOS. OpenSUSE 12.1 is not the same as SLES 12.1 other than being supported by SuSE. It is the bleeding edge SuSE distro where kernels and packages are tested and proven before being ported over to the SLES family. OpenSUSE is a hybrid desktop/server, where SLES is strictly for server operations.

OpenSuSE 12.1 release date: Nov 2011

SLES 12.1 release date: Dec 2015

As evidence, your OpenSUSE kernel = 3.1.10-1.29-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT

The Shipping SLES 12.1 kernel = 3.12.49-11-default

OpenSUSE 12.1 version of libncurses5 = libncurses5-5.8-5.1.4.x86_64 (missing libtinfo.so.5)

SLES 12.1 version of libncurses5 = libncurses5-5.9-40.124.x86_64

Running "rpm -ql libncurses5" shows these 2 files, in addition to others:



If the version of libncurses5 you're running doesn't come with libtinfo.so.5, I would suggest getting an updated version that does have it.

There are a few older posts on OpenSUSE forums where linking the libtinfo.so.5 to libncurses.so.5.8 in the /lib64 directory has helped their app:

openSUSE Forums

But I believe you already tried that. You may try to get an updated version here, but as OpenSUSE 12.1 is fairly old, you may have better luck trying an updated version of OpenSUSE at this point.

Good luck!